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Timoptic 0.5% Solution (10ml)

  Timoptic 0.5% Solution 1 Bottle $184.76
  Timoptic 0.5% Solution 2 Bottles $366.48
  Timoptic 0.5% Solution 3 Bottles $548.21
  Timoptic 0.5% Solution 4 Bottles $729.93
  Timoptic 0.5% Solution 6 Bottles $1,093.37

Timolol 0.5% Solution (10ml) - Generic

  Timolol 0.5% Solution 1 Bottle $15.85
  Timolol 0.5% Solution 2 Bottles $24.74
  Timolol 0.5% Solution 3 Bottles $33.64
  Timolol 0.5% Solution 4 Bottles $42.54
  Timolol 0.5% Solution 6 Bottles $60.33
These are self-pay prices and do not take into account any discounts or prescription insurance coverage that you may have. Actual prices are calculated at the time your prescription is processed by the pharmacy.
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