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TrueTrack Glucose Meter

The TrueTrack Smart System Kit

Easy to use - 2 simple steps. 1. Insert test strip. 2. Apply blood sample.

The TrueTrack Smart System delivers nothing less than outstanding performance. Tiny blood sample - just 1 microliter. Capillary-action requires only a tiny drop of blood for more comfortable testing. Fast, accurate results in just 10 seconds!

  • For accurate, affordable blood glucose monitoring.
  • For use with TrueTrack Test Strips.
  • For whole blood glucose monitoring.
  • TrueTrack Smart System features: automatic coding, 365 test memory, date and time, 14- and 30-day averaging.
  • Contents: TrueTrack Smart System Blood Glucose Monitor - 3 volt battery installed; 10 TrueTrack Smart System Test Strips; code chip; check strip; lancing device; 10 sterile lancets; owner's booklet; quick reference guide; self-test log book; compact carrying case.
  • Please insert enclosed code chip into meter immediately before using test strips.
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